Project Overview
Project Name Apricot plum pox resistance trait-Badenes-2012
Crop Apricot
Description In this study, we generated 42 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers from the peach genome assembly v1.0 and an apricot bacterial artificial chromosome clone identified in the physical map of the PPV resistance locus previously defined in apricot. Using a linkage mapping approach, we found SSR markers tightly linked to PPV resistance trait in all our progenies.
Project type QTL
Maria Luisa Badenes
First name:Maria
Last name:Badenes
Institution:Valencian Institure for Agricultural Research
Address:Apartado Oficial, 46113 Moncada, Valencia, Spain
2012Soriano JM, Domingo ML, Zuriaga E, Romero C, Zhebentyayeva T, Abbott AG, Badenes ML. Identification of simple sequence repeat markers tightly linked to plum pox virus resistancein apricot. Molecular breeding. 2012; 30(2):1017-1026.